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CW Releases Naomi Trailer

A new hero is coming to your TV screens.

The CW has released a new trailer for their upcoming DC Comics adaptation, Naomi. The series' full synopsis teases an origin story with a multiverse perspective for DCTV's future as the franchise moves away from the so-called Arrowverse moniker. The latest trailer for the series also includes an introduction by executive producer Ava Duverney.

The show tells a story about a down-to-earth high school student Naomi McDuffie, who loves comic books and runs a Superman fan site. Naomi discovers after a shocking and mysterious incident involving Superman that she may not be from Earth. She learns that she could soon have special abilities, and her life changes forever as she's put on a path in pursuit of her hidden destiny.

Throughout the series, Naomi will relive past relationships with her best friend and adoptive parents, as well as the colorful new characters that enter her life, all while undergoing dramatic changes that will immerse her deeply in the multiverse. This is the latest edition of DC Comics' list of superhero show networks. Naomi's first season will premiere on The CW on January 11.


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