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XOXO: Here are the Best Quotes from the Gossip Girl Reboot

The new Gossip Girl brings the luxury and richness of the original with the messiness that comes with being a teen in the social media era. Like the original, it gives viewers its own sense of Upper East Side wisdom. Here are a few gems to have you feeling confident all 2022:

1. "The only thing that makes a story interesting is how it’s told and who’s telling it." - Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl herself has always been one to drop some words of inspiration even when she is using it to target innocent bystanders (or her own students,, given the reboot's premise). While I'm not too fond of the reboot plot using adults who are supposed to supervise children to spy on them and basically ruin their lives, this quote is one to carry with you into the new year. You get to decide what your story for 2022 will be.

2. "Only boring people are bored. You are uninspired." -Audrey

Even if you haven't figured out what you want to do in the new year yet, that's okay! It's still a 2022 goal even if it comes to you in March or hell, November. Take it day by day until inspiration hits you.

3. "Don’t do it for your brand. Do it for yourself." -Audrey

With everyone "doing it for the gram" or trying to hop on the latest trend on TikTok, it can be easy to forget the things you like to do just to do it. While no one can ignore we're living in a social media world where it feels your profile speaks for you before you can, it's important to remember that the things you do should be for yourself first and foremost. Though no, it's cool if it just so happens to make a good IG post too.

4. "Revenge is a dish best served bold, after all." -Gossip Girl

I believe the best revenge is living well and that is something that should be done boldly. While that's probably not the way Gossip Girl meant as she does live for the drama, it's why this quote is on the list. Be bold in 2022.

5. "Be you. To hell with what anyone else says." - Max

This is pretty self-explanatory. In this perfectly social media-curated world, it often feels like we're living in, being anyone but yourself can be tempting, but eventually, it'll catch up to you. Putting on a facade is tiring and honestly not worth it.

6. "You can't rely on any man. You can only rely on yourself." - Lola Morgan

The "you can only rely on yourself" is the big one here. While it is important to know when you need to ask for help, remember to bet on yourself if no one else.

7. "Fuck the patriarchy." - Monet De Haan

Sure Monet isn't the first to say this but she does look the best saying this and it's just as true in 2022 as it has been in any other year.

8. "Vulnerability is the disease of the masses." - Monet De Haan

While I don't agree with the idea of vulnerability being a weakness, I would only agree with this quote if you're allowing your vulnerability to stop you from doing the things you want to do. You got this. Even the things that scare you. 2022 is no match for you.


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