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More Black Women are coming to the MCU!

Marvel Studies President Kevin Feige announced that Riri "Ironhaeart" Williams is getting her own show on Disney+ starring Dominique Thorne.

First let me say, I cannot explain how excited I am to see more Black girls coming to the MCU. As someone who has been a fan since she was child but was never able to see herself represented in the films, it feels good to know Black teen girls are going to see not only Shuri in Wakanda but now Riri from Chicago.

For those who aren't familiar, Riri is a child genius who builds her own suit of armor in the comics. With Don Cheadle being announced to also be getting his own show called Armor Wars after the wrong people get their hands on Stark tech, I imagine the show will tie in with Riri when she gets her hands on it as well. There are different ways this can go.

If that's not enough Black Girl Magic for you, we're also getting Monica Rambeau in WandaVision. Monica technically was already in the MCU in Captain Marvel as a little girl but now she's all grown up and I'm hoping she has some powers of her own by the end of the series. But they've been hush hush about everything when it comes to WandaVision. We still technically don't even know the plot.

And the MCU aren't the only ones switching things up. We have a new Batwoman and she has a fro!


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