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10 Nerdy Gems on HBO Max

Now that HBO Max is on Roku and Playstation 5, those who haven’t had the chance to watch HBO content can finally catch up. I know most people are just happy they get to watch Wonder Woman this week and all the 2021 content coming soon. But the service actually already has some good options to watch right now.

Harley Quinn

I'm not kidding when I say Harley Quinn was hands down one of the best shows I watched this year. It was something I meant to get around to but never had the time for but thanks to everything shutting down I suddenly had all the time in the world. The show is a humorous yet still gory animated take on Harley for adults. Some comic book superhero favorites make appearances and I don't want to spoil it but just know Harley and Poison Ivy's relationship finally gets the attention it deserves.

Lovecraft Country

Lovecraft premiered on HBO this year and I'd say from the commentary I witnessed on Twitter what started off with a lot of questions might've only ended with even more. But it's definitely worth a watch if you have an interest in horror and sci-fi to find out for yourself what it's about. It also takes a heavy look at racism and the acting from Jonathan Majors, Jurnee Smollett and Michael Kenneth Williams is amazing even if their characters leave you wanting to throw your remote for poor decision making.


Another show that takes a hard look at racism as it opens up with the Tulsa Race Massacre. Regina King and Yahya Abdul Mateen II both won well-deserved Emmys for their work. If you're a fan of fantasy which we could use more of especially starring Black actors, I think Watchmen is worth a look.


A rendition of the Teen Titans franchise that follows a group of young new super heroes from the DC Universe including Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites), Starfire (Anna Diop), Beast Boy (Ryan Potter), Raven (Teagan Croft) and others. If you love the comics or the cartoon then it's worth a watch to see the TV take on it. It's a gritty take on the Teen Titans franchise that stays true to the characters from beginning to end.

Rick & Morty

An adult animated show that still works with a lot of sci-fi comedy. Some of the storylines are out there and absurd but so it may be an acquired taste. If you've never watched it on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, but you usually like what's on Cartoon Network then it should work for you.

Doom Patrol

Another DC Comics inspired show that presents superheroes in a way we don't usually get to see superheroes. Think of it as watching people with special abilities navigating life. They're trying to save themselves before they can even begin trying to save the world and since we're living in a time of superhero media right now, it's refreshing to get such a different portrayal of them.

Samurai Jack

Okay so maybe I was a little overexcited when I saw Samurai Jack was on HBO Max and decided to binge watch it and relive my childhood. What about it? You should try doing it too which is why I'm adding it to the list.

The Boondocks

The first four seasons of The Boondocks is available to stream right now on HBO Max. The show is supposed to be getting tis own reboot at some point. I think considering the political and cultural climate right now and how The Boondocks has approached such topics before, it'll be interesting to see what the new seasons look like. Anyone who needs a refresher or who doesn't know how far Boondocks goes should start watching.

Game of Thrones

It's hard to imagine that there's someone out there who HASN'T watched Game of Thrones. But in the rare chance you exist, watch Game of Thrones. Season 8 excluded, it is one of the greatest TV shows of all time. If nothing else, watch how they literally bring magic and dragons to life but please stop watching after season 7. You've been warned. Don't come back here mad at me if you decide not to listen. It goes downhill from there.


I'm not sure if this really counts as "nerdy" but since it was inspired by Issa Rae's own web show called Awkward Black Girl, I think it should so I'm adding it. Issa Rae both stars and co-created the HBO original comedy which portrays friendships, romantic relationships, careers and just life overall. It's extremely relatable which is why it inspires some very funny tweets when it airs. Catch up now so you can be ready for the next season.

Honorable Mention:

I May Destroy You

Not really a "nerdy" show which is why it's an honorable mention but it's one of the best shows I watched this year and it's on HBO Max. Disclaimer: It deals heavily with sexual assault. It can be a tough show to watch due to the nature of the plot but it was remarkably well written so if you have access to HBO now, give it a chance if you can.


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