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Solange Knowles Expanding Saint Heron

Saint Heron, a digital community and cultural institution founded by singer Solange Knowles, is entering a new phase.

Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Solange Knowles founded her company, Saint Heron, in 2013 with a simple mission: to create a cultural center that empowers Black artists in music, art, and film. Now, the digital center for cultural conversation and online community is expanding into an expansive platform of studios and creative agencies that strive to preserve and amplify Black and Brown voices.

According to Afrotech, Saint Heron is "expanding into a multidisciplinary platform, studio, and creative agency in which its mission will continue to uphold values that "preserve, collect and uplift the stories, works, and archives" of Black and Brown artists" in our creative communities.

Saint Heron is founded across disciplines - art, design, architecture, fashion, literature, and online - and has launched a series of dossiers that function as literary and visual retrospectives of the radical artist family, explaining how the organization was founded and who Solange is. The first digital installation tells the organization's story as told by the artist herself, her founder, creative director, and art director.

Per Afrotech, Solange explains the expanding mission of the Herons: "We want to create an archive of stories and works that we consider valuable. We want to open up these works publicly and make them accessible to students and our communities for research, engagement, and consumption so that the works are integrated into our collective story and belong and grow with us."

For more information on Saint Heron, visit their website.


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