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Harry Potter Fans Will Love These Magical Tricks for iPhones

You may not be at Hogwarts, but you can still have fun casting these spells.

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You no longer need to use the buttons to turn the flashlight on and off on your phone; instead, all you have to do is activate Siri by pressing the Home button and say"Lumos," and she'll turn the flashlight on as if you're casting the Harry Potter spell from a wand. And if you want the flashlight to go out, say "Nox." It works like magic (sorry, I couldn't resist).

If you're unfamiliar with Lumos, it is a wand illumination spell that illuminates the tip of the caster's wand. Sure, you can unlock your phone, open the control panel and flick the flashlight, but why bother when you can just do it like Hermione.

Additionally, if you say Accio followed by the name of any app you've downloaded to your phone, Siri will automatically open that app at your request. I've tested it and can confirm it works.

With the 20-year anniversary special now airing on HBO Max, I'm sure Harry Potter fans are feeling nostalgic for a bit more magic in their lives. You can stream all 8 movies on HBO Max or purchase the 8-Film collection on Amazon. I hope this helps until your letter arrives (who cares if it's a few years late anyway).


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