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Your WandaVision Theories Didn't Come True...And That's Okay

Will Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness give fans the answers they're looking for?

Photo Courtesy: Disney+

So WandaVision has come to an end...for now. A lot of popular WandaVision theories didn't come true but that's all part of the fun. Turns out that the "aerospace engineer" line that had the MCU fandom obsessing over Reed Richards or Blue Marvel showing up wasn't even an intentional easter egg, according to director Matt Shakman in an interview with Kevin Smith.

While the fan theory that nosy neighbor Agnes was really Agatha Harkness proved to be right, people who thought her bunny Senor Scratchy was also something more may not have been far off. Scratchy was apparently supposed to turn into a demon at some point in the show but that idea was scrapped (this is a bit of vindication for me because even I thought he might be Agatha's son from the comic, Nicholas Scratch).

Another popular theory that ended up not being true and also leads to of all things a boner joke was the identity of Pietro or "Fietro" if you will. Turns out his real identity (or maybe the one in witness protection?) is Ralph Bohner. I'm holding hope that this will still lead to something bigger in the multiverse but for now...his name is Ralph Bohner. On one hand, those of us who theorized he was Ralph was technically right. But for those of us who thought he might be a kidnapped Peter from the X-men films or even Mephisto were way wrong.

I find theorizing these shows to be part of the fun of watching them. However, many people didn't just complain about their theories wrong but decided the finale or even the entire show was bad, strictly because their theories were wrong. That's pretty immature guys. Honestly, the fact that we could be so wrong is a testament to less predictable writing. Imagine being able to easily guess the entire plot about a show? Boring!

That being said, there are good critiques to make about that final episode. Like we definitely deserved more Monica Rambeau, Jimmy Woo, and Darcy Lewis. Monica also should not have been used as a bulletproof shield for Wanda's kids. For one, Tommy and Billy could've definitely handled themselves. Second, Hayward got off way too easy. She doesn't need full knowledge of her powers to give him the beating he deserves and fans have been waiting for.

Overall, I loved the show and the last episode but like most things, there was room for improvement. If your takeaway is, "my theories didn't happen so it sucks," please grow up.


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