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Which Witch Are You? The Scarlet Witch or Agatha Harkness?

Are you more like the Scarlet Witch or Agatha Harkness? Maybe there's a little bit of both inside of you. Take this quiz to find out.


After the events of WandaVision Episode 8, we now know more about Wanda, who we can now even more comfortably call the Scarlet Witch, than ever before. We also know about the neighbor formerly known as Agnes, Agatha Harkness, dark magic beginnings, and how she killed her own mother (and we thought Sparky would be the worst of it).

These two witches could not be any more different from their early experiences with magic to who they are now. Some of us may see ourselves in Wanda. Some of us may see ourselves in Agatha (I mean, is Agatha really the villain with Hayward walking around?). So who do you think you're most like? It's time to find out.

Who did you get? Feel free to tweet me or let me know in the comments!


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