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WandaVision Episode 7 Theories: Now Who's the Baddest Witch in Town?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for WandaVision Episode 7

With a theme song that mirrored The Office and an opening scene that mirrored Modern Family, Episode 7 of WandaVision stayed true to its "sitcom" aesthetic. But by the end, we finally got the reveal of who's been pulling at least some of the strings here. Here's what some of the events in Episode 7 may mean:

1. The "Nexus" Commercial. WandaVision's commercial this week is about an antidepressant named Nexus, a pill that "anchors you back to your reality, or the reality of your choice." Its side effects include “feeling your feelings,” “confronting your truth,” and “possibly more depression.”

What it may mean: In the comics, Nexus is a gateway that lets people travel to different universes. This could be a strong explanation for how Evan Peters' version of Quicksilver ended up in Westview. Since today's episode showed us that he's being controlled by someone else (we'll get to that soon), this may be very much the Quicksilver from the X-Men movies, and he has no idea what's really going on. Other theories believe he could be a regular person from WestView that Agatha picked to masquerade as Pietro, but I refuse to believe the MCU would do something so big for that.

Also, in the comics, Scarlet Witch is a "Nexus Being." A Nexus Being is someone who can alter the universes and the balance of the multiverse. Considering that Wanda will be in the Doctor Strange sequel, titled "Multiverse of Madness," I'm going to go out on a limb here and say these last two episodes will show us where that "madness" part comes in. Interestingly enough, another Nexus Being will be making his appearance in the MCU in the third Ant-Man film when Johnathan Majors plays Kang the Conqueror. This is interesting because only one Nexus Being can exist per universe.

2. Monica gets her powers. After her tank fails to get through the hex to WestView, Monica (Teyonah Parris) decides to go through it again on her own. As Darcy revealed in Episode 6, Monica's cells changed from her first interaction with the hex. After she goes through a second time, her clothes don't change, and she keeps her memory unlike the first time, but something else changes because now she's glowing (like her Aunt Carol Danvers, sorry, couldn't resist).

What this may mean: This one's pretty obvious, and many MCU fans have been waiting for it since we saw little Monica in Captain Marvel. Monica Rambeau in the comics becomes Photon/Spectrum and obtains powers that allow her to convert her body into any form of energy. Though her background story is different, and she's been known as many names in the comics (she was actually known as Captain Marvel before Carol), I'm pretty sure once it truly hits her that she has these powers, she'll go by the name Photon in honor of her mother. I actually think her getting her powers this way is not only interesting but much simpler to explain to casual fans. Just know, while we finally got to see a few of Monica's powers, this is not even close to all she can do.

3. Agatha Harkness. It was Agatha All Along (please don't sing it). In Episode 7, we find out that Wanda's friendly neighbor Agnes (Kathryn Hahn), who always seems to make an appearance when Wanda needed her to, is actually Agatha Harkness, a witch who has been pulling much of the strings in Westview. She's controlling the recast Pietro though we don't yet know how he got there or if she's responsible for that too, she killed Sparky the dog (that bitch!), and she made sure Vision (Paul Bettany) saw just enough to get suspicious of Wanda specifically.

What this may mean: In the comics, Scarlet Witch actually learns more about magic from Agatha but with her kids missing and last seen at Agatha's house, I doubt Wanda has magic lessons on her mind. For fans who have been theorizing that the demon Mephisto plays a part in this, though he hasn't been revealed yet, this still may be the case. In the comics, Agatha tells Wanda that her children are really parts of Mephisto's soul that he wants back. Mephisto is also a constant problem for Dr. Strange, so with this possibly leading to Multiverse of Madness, just because it seems Agnes has revealed herself to be the big bad right now does not mean she is the only one.

4. What's going on with Vision? We know he's trying to get to Wanda in this episode, but someone keeps him from her (I don't think it's Wanda doing that even though he does). But besides that, I think there may be a subplot with Vision happening too. His body was at S.W.O.R.D. Headquarters when Wanda "stole" him and Monica mentioned that S.W.O.R.D. was creating sentient weapons. Hayward (S.W.O.R.D. Acting Director) has made Wanda out to be an absolute villain and antagonizing Monica, Jimmy Woo, and Darcy Lewis in the process. In this episode, Monica goes to Wanda to let her know about Hayward; she tells Wanda "this whole thing is about Vision," but Wanda's too distraught to listen or believe her.

What this may mean? Wanda doesn't remember stealing Vision's body from S.W.O.R.D. or making Westview. If it was really her who took it, I don't think she stole his body just because she wanted him back to live a fantasy but because S.W.O.R.D. was experimenting on him. Vision wrote in his will that he didn't want his body being used as a weapon. If S.W.O.R.D. were disrespecting his wishes, it would explain why Hayward was tracking his movements in the Hex and why he's made Wanda the enemy, instead of even listening to Monica's plans. It's because he has his own ulterior motives.

So what the hell does this all mean? Here's my theory:

Agnes, who we can now accurately call Agatha, has been referring to her husband Ralph since episode 1, but we haven't seen him. I'm pretty sure Ralph will be revealed to be Mephisto. Wanda said from the beginning that she isn't doing everything completely by herself, and while we know Agatha has done her part, the question is why. I believe Mephisto wanted Wanda to live in this world so she would have children so he can take them. The title of this episode was "Breaking the Fourth Wall," and while most of the cast did that, I think it also means we're done with the sitcom aesthetic. These next 2 episodes are about to be really different.

What are your theories and thoughts? Did you enjoy this episode?

Sound off in the comments below!


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