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Regina King picks her favorite Hollywood Chris

Guess which one she picks!

The One Night In Miami director sat down with InStyle to talk about her upcoming directorial debut. When asked what she wanted viewers to take away from the film, Regina stated she wanted "every Black man I know and love to see themselves in the film."

The Watchmen star opened up about her 30-year acting career and the "badass" decisions she's taken to get here: "I think a badass is someone who beats to the tune of their own drum. It’s a person who takes risks."

Outside of inspirational tidbits, Regina King also weighed in on some of her favorite outfits on the red carpet, which of her many awards are the heaviest, and of course, the most important question in Hollywood, which Chris is the best Hollywood Chris.

It should come as no surprise that the star picked Chris Evans. Outside of the obvious, "he fine" as Regina put it, he was the Chris that made sure she safely made it up the steps as she accepted her Oscar. Guess he made quite an impression.

One Night in Miami releases January 15th on Amazon Prime.


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