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Memes and Reaction Gifs inspired by WandaVision Episode 8

Episode 8 finally gave us some answers, but still left us with a lot of questions. So while we cry over having no idea what's going on, enjoy these reaction gifs.

1. Shakespeare been real quiet ever since Vision dropped this line

2. When a job wants me to give them my ideas in the interview stage

3. Me watching Beyonce perform for the first time

4. My Friends: "Smile for the camera"


5. The feminism leaving my body when I'm asked to help carry anything

6. Me to me after I do the bare minimum

7. Me every week after watching WandaVision thinking I know what's going on

8. Me in my third zoom class of the week ready to go to bed

9. Thinking about the fact that we have only one more episode of WandaVision left

10. This one isn't from Episode 8 but was a Twitter favorite


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