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In honor of April Fool's Day, here are Loki's best pranks

Did you know, April Fool’s Day was believed to have started in Europe and was actually a celebration of the Loki in Norse mythology. So in honor of Loki, here are the MCU Loki's best pranks (so far).

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1. He made Thor believe he was he could masquerade as Odin

Even though Thor watched Loki die in Thor: The Dark World, it was all a trick. Not only was Loki still alive, but he was masquerading as their dad Odin so that he could be treated like the king he's always wanted to be in the sequel Thor: Ragnarok. In this case, not only did Loki fool Thor but basically all of Asgard.

2. Thor and Loki's "Get Help" prank

Sure it's fun when Loki pranks Thor, but when they join forces to prank other people, it's even better. In Ragnarok, we find out the brothers have a way of fooling would-be henchmen. Much to Loki's annoyance, the prank works pretty well.

3. Loki's snake prank

The best prank Loki ever did was one we never even got to see. But it did traumatize Thor from the age of 8. The God of Mischief has owned his title since he was a child.


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