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Easter Eggs in WandaVision Episode 6 That May Reveal What's Really Happening

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Episode 6 of WandaVision

Every time we seem to make sense of what's happening in Westview, we end up with even more questions than answers. In Episode 6 of WandaVision, "All-New Halloween Spooktacular!," Wanda's (Elizabeth Olsen) brother, Pietro (Evan Peters), is now part of the "cast" after a surprise appearance last week and a new face that even Wanda didn't plan on.

While the past two episodes revealed what many of us had already guessed, that the people of Westview are under Wanda's control, we still don't know how she was able to do it and if there are other things (maybe people) at play. Here are some things in the latest episode you may have missed that show that even Wanda may not be in full control here.

1. Let's start with the opening credits. Our new cast member Pietro is the only one whose title card says "as himself" when technically everyone in Westview is "playing themselves."The lyrics of the opening theme song when he shows up on screen are also "though there may be no way of knowing, who's coming by to play."

Photo credit: WandaVision screenshot/Disney+

What this may mean: This could be a hint that Pietro is actually not himself but, of course, wants us to think he is. The lyrics "though there may be no way of knowing"seems like a pretty good hint that he's not. I've heard theories that he could be a Skrull (as seen in the movie Captain Marvel), and there are also theories that this is the work of a demon from the comics named Mephisto. It could also be the show's way of telling us that Wanda does not control Pietro (or whoever he may really be), and so, therefore, he is actually "himself."Maybe it's a combination of both? An imposter who Wanda can't control.

2. Pietro is the only one who notices Billy breaking the fourth wall. This episode of WandaVision looks like it was inspired by Malcolm in the Middle. In Malcolm and the Middle, the main character always broke the fourth wall to talk about his family to the audience, much like Billy in this episode does. However, in one of the instances, Pietro actually notices Billy doing it while his own brother doesn't.

Photo credit: WandaVision screenshot/Disney+

What this may mean: As previously mentioned, this seems like another hint that Wanda's "hex" is not controlling Pietro. Now is this because this is someone pretending to be Pietro or something else? While Vision (Paul Bettany) is also working outside of the hex's influence currently, he was impacted by it initially. Pietro just showed up!

3. Pietro calls the boys "demon spawn." In another hint that this may be Mephisto at play and that Pietro may actually be Mephisto or at least working with him is when Wanda's twins run off to join the Halloween festivities. Pietro yells, "Unleash hell, demon spawn."

Photo credit: WandaVision/Disney+

What this may mean: For anyone who doesn't know, in the comics, Billy and Tommy were spawned from Mephisto, who is a demon. So they are literally demon spawn if the MCU is following this storyline. If Pietro is really Mephisto or someone at least aware of him, this could be his not so subtle way of referencing what they really are.

4. The movie theatre was showing movies that did not come out at the same time. So far, each episode in WandaVision has been inspired by sitcoms of a particular decade. If the show continued with that theme, this episode would be inspired by the 90s. However, if you look at the movie theatre behind Wanda and Pietro in this gif, the movies showing are The Incredibles, which came out in 2004, and The Parent Trap, which came out in 1998.

What this may mean: In a subtle way, the show may be revealing to us that Wanda is losing control over both her powers and keeping things straight in Westview. While there were more obvious scenes that this was happening in the show, especially as Vision wandered around to the further parts of Westview, the fact that this was happening much closer to Wanda's vicinity could mean her grip on everything is slipping. Also, the choices of movies are interesting. The Incredibles is about a family of superheroes like Wanda's family, and The Parent Trap is about reunited twins like Wanda and Pietro. It could just be Disney trying to be cute.

5. Let's talk about THAT commercial. In every WandaVision episode, we get a commercial or two that usually relates to Wanda's story in some way, usually from something we saw in one of the past MCU films. However, this week we got a commercial that doesn't seem to relate to her, at least not in a way we know of yet or have seen ourselves.

What this could mean: This commercial was definitely the darkest one we've seen yet. The snack in the commercial called "Yo Magic" is probably in reference to Wanda's magic. This could mean several things. It could be about Vision and Wanda's children who only exist because of Wanda's magic and who will die once they don't have access to it. If it's a Mephisto reference, it could be about a"deal with the devil" where Mephisto makes a deal with Wanda to get access to her magic ("snack on "yo-magic") and in exchange gives Wanda what she wants (a family), but it's not really a family.

6. Monica's cells are changing. After our favorite new trio Jimmy Woo (Randall Park), Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings), and Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) get booted from Sword but come up with their own plan to infiltrate Westview, Darcy hacks Sword to see what they're hiding. She finds Monica's bloodwork from when she was recovered from the hex and realized that her cells are changing.

What this may mean: Fans of Monica Rambeau from the comics may already know that she gets powers. What we didn't know is how she would get them in the MCU. While Monica getting her powers may not surprise people if this is how she gets them, does this mean that others in WestView will get powers the same way? Some have theorized it'll be Marvel's way of bringing in Mutants. A reverse "House of M." Right now, I think the only person who will get powers is Monica.

7. It all comes down to Pietro. While everyone else in Westview can't talk about the fact that Wanda is controlling them, not only does Pietro know that everyone is being controlled, but he asks Wanda a ton of questions about how she's doing it. It's very suspicious.

What this could mean: We know this Pietro isn't the one we saw Wanda with in the movie Age of Ultron though many of us may be familiar with him from the X-Men films, which don't include Wanda at all. While first thoughts were that this is a sign of the multiverse (still could be), this further supports theories that he is a person outside the hex. One thing about Mephisto is that while he can acquire souls, he cannot make people act outside of their own free will like Wanda's doing. So when Pietro asks how Wanda is "doing it," it may not be the creation of Westview he's asking about.

Wanda does know to question this new Pietro and tries to quiz him on their life as kids, but he evades the question. He also references things he shouldn't know about even if he was the real Pietro (he wouldn't know Vision is dead, and in Episode 5, when he first appeared, he acted like he didn't know who Vision was at all even though they met in Age of Ultron). So what the hell is going on?

So what does all this mean? That Disney needs to just release all the episodes at once so I can stop overthinking.


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