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Chris Hemsworth Remembers Being "an unknown lad" As Thor Turns 10

To celebrate Thor's 10th birthday, franchise star Chris Hemsworth posted a picture of himself and co-star Tom Hiddleston on his Instagram profile as they prepared for the 2011 film.

It's been over a decade since the Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced us to Chris Hemsworth's Thor and Tom Hiddleston's Loki. Hemsworth recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of Thor's debut by sharing old photos of the two actors looking at an early table reading of the script from Kenneth Branagh's 2011 film. In a retrospective Instagram post that sent fans into a nostalgic mode, Hemsworth cheekily recalled Marvel's big gamble in casting the first Thor film.

Hemsworth recalled when he and Tom Hiddleston were two relative unknowns in the cast of a popular Marvel franchise. Hemsworth gave an insight into the history of the two actors as they embarked on their journey to become two of Hollywood's most iconic roles.

Thor (2011) not only became a blockbuster but paved the way for the two actors and their characters in Marvel's Phase 1. Chris Hemsworth has appeared in eight Marvel films as Thor, while Tom Hiddleston has appeared in six. Since then, Chris Hemsworth and Tom have had a huge presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, leading to two more Thor films and appearances in the Avengers films.

We'll see if the scrappy "unknowns" can continue their winning streak when Thor 4 comes into theaters in May 2022 and Loki comes to Disney+ June 9th.


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