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Back to Fiction: What I'm Reading Over Winter Break

Reading for fun. Remember that? As a graduate student, I barely do. But I'm hoping to bring the joy back a little bit while I have some time away from reading for school.

Photo courtesy: Amazon

I bought Legendborn the day it came out because I mean, hello! Black female author. Young Black girl with powers on the cover. Maybe I'm just easily impressed but yes, it easily got my money. I'm looking forward to writing a book review on it when I'm done. Accor

Unfortunately, because I'm studying to get my Ph.D., I rarely find time to read the things I want because I'm busy reading what I have to for school. I have about a month until I have to go back so completely this book shouldn't be difficult. If I can swing it I'm also hoping to finish reading You by Caroline Kepnes which is the inspiration for the Netflix show of the same name and Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer. Yes, Midnight Sun is the new Twilight book. Do not judge me. I read them all in high school and now I'm in too deep.

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