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Ahead of the WandaVision finale, my top four theories

What's going to happen in Westview?


1. The real big battle will come down to between Wanda's family and White Vision

Though Episode 8 ended with Wanda's children tied up in Agatha's hands, the post-credit scene revealed another antagonist headed Wanda and Vision's way, with Hayward's White Vision. While I don't think that means Agatha will be defeated easily or at all for that matter, I do think it means Wanda's focus will have to shift unless Agatha and Hayward have secretly been working together this whole time. Some theories believe that this White vision is really Ultron which, if it is, that's equally bad news for Hayward as it is for Wanda because no way is Ultron working for anyone else.

Alternatively, White Vision might see Agatha trying to kill two kids and attack her instead. Maybe the real Vision is deep inside White Vision, and they'll find a way to bring him out or put WestView's Vision in. Here's the thing, I don't see this show having a happy ending, so I seriously doubt that, but it's worth at least suggesting the idea.

2. Wanda will lose her family

Photo Credit: Disney+

I'm sorry, but I don't see Wanda's family making it through this. The "hex" will most likely come down at the end of this episode, and unless Vision finds some way to use this new Vision's body, Vision will disappear when the hex. With that being said, I think it's plausible that Wanda's kids will disappear too. We already saw what happened when Vision stepped outside the hex, so we know for sure he can't survive outside it. It's still up in the air whether Wanda's kids can survive outside the hex, but even if they can, who's to say Wanda won't lose them another way (yes, I'm still holding on to my Mephisto theory).

3. Monica Rambeau will beat Hayward's ass, and we'll see her full powers on display

This isn't really a theory so much as something I just want to happen. But you gotta speak the things you want into existence, so I'm including it. Next to Agatha, Hayward has been the biggest antagonist on the show. Now he's certainly put himself even more into bad guy territory by building white Vision. While Wanda and her family are probably handling Vision's twins, I see Monica having a few words to say to Hayward, and if he wants to test, she has the powers to a lot more than smack him upside the head now. Monica will be in Captain Marvel 2, so what powers we don't see here we'll still see soon.

4. There's more to Agatha's pet, Señor Scratchy

I've seen some theories floating around that Agatha's pet rabbit may actually be Mephisto. But that name choice is too close to Agatha's son's name in the comics, which is Nicholas Scratch, for me to not think there's a connection there. In the comics, Nicholas Scratch, like his mother in the show, is a pretty bad person. In fact, you can argue he's much worst. We're all trying to figure out what Agatha's endgame is here and why she's so curious about Wanda's powers. Is it truly just curiosity, or does she want something? Could her motives be tied to Nicholas Scratch? Either way, I don't trust that rabbit.

What do you think will happen on the final episode of WandaVision?

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