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8 Gifs of Monica Rambeau being a Badass

While Wanda and Vision are the focus of the new show WandVision, the show has also given a more prominent role to supporting characters from past MCU films. While Monica Rambeau was seen in Captain Marvel as a little girl, in WandaVision, she's an adult who's back from the "blip" Thanos caused, and like everything else in WandaVision, there may be more to her than meets the eye.

Being able to see someone with my skin tone on WandaVision has meant a lot to me. So I made 8 gifs of Monica for anyone to use with captions that I relate to. Feel free to use them as you see fit by clicking on the gif you want and saving from Giphy.

  1. When you wake up an hour before your alarm goes off

2. The face I make when someone invites me out in the middle of a panini

3. Me when someone says WandaVision is boring

4. Trying to explain my WandaVision theories to anyone who will listen

5. "Theoretically" speaking I have a chance to date Chris Evans, right?

6. Me trying to calm my friends down when they're upset

7. Girl, Bye

8. My Friends: "Let's handle our situations calmly"



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