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5 Unforgettable Moments on Degrassi

The Canadian drama show dealt with topics other shows refused to show to young adults, such as sex, drugs, abortion, rape, school shootings, and mental health issues. Their saying was "It Goes There," so here are 5 times they really did!

  1. When Manny wore the iconic thong

Obviously, we're gonna start this list with the iconic thong that Manny wore. For young girls who were discovering themselves and their sexuality, the moment Manny Santos walked down that hall in her blue thong was the beginning of an era.

2. When aspiring Basketball player Jimmy Brooks got shot and lost the ability to walk.

Probably one of the most famous moments of Degrassi was when everyone's beloved favorite Basketball player Jimmy was shot by Rick. For the remainder of the series, Jimmy is paralyzed in a wheelchair. The actor who played him did come back to shoot a music video, though, and he seems to be doing well for himself.

3. When Emma got an STU

After all that slut-shaming towards Manny, Emma would go on to have a bit of sexual discovery of her own when she meets Degrassi’s bad-boy, Jay. She gives him oral sex in a van, and in return, she gets an STI and a sex bracelet. "You gave me a social disease" will always be an iconic Degrassi line.

4. When Manny got an abortion

Many topics on Degrassi were seen as taboo when it aired and maybe even still be today, but this episode especially really does "go there," and at the time, the U.S. was not trying to go as it was banned from being shown for 2 years.

5. When JT was stabbed

As if watching Jimmy get shot wasn't bad enough, Degrassi fans were faced with another tragic moment when J.T. was fatally stabbed. He was the class clown everyone loved who had recently become a dad. On his way to let the mother of his child, Liberty, know he loved her, he was killed before he got the chance.

For a teen show, Degrassi was putting us through it! If you want to revisit these moments or maybe the entire show, Degrassi is streaming on Tubi for free.


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