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3 reasons Iron Man 3 is a Christmas Movie

Now that Christmas is here, people are debating whether Iron Man 3 is a Christmas movie.

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It seems every year; we have the same debate about whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie. So I'm happy to see things shaken up as we discuss the true Christmas Cinematic masterpiece called Iron Man 3.

Does the actual plot of Iron Man 3 revolve around the idea of Christmas? No. Can the story technically take place at any time of the year? Sure. But that doesn't make it any less of a Christmas movie.

For one, nearly the entire movie takes place at Christmastime. This isn't just a movie with a Christmas scene or two. In the beginning, we see Tony working in his basement with his Christmas tree. He's listening to a version of "Jingle Bells" and gives Pepper her Christmas present. He says he has a "holiday message" for the Mandarin and references A Christmas Story. Hell, even at the end, he says, "Screw it, it's Christmas."

Also, and maybe this is more so a fun fact than a reason it's a Christmas movie but so what? We're in the holiday spirit. Tony makes a Christmas stocking for Jarvis. For many people, Christmas is all about the people you love. Even the A.I. ones.

3. Marvel has confirmed. As far as I'm concerned, if Die Hard gets to be considered a Christmas movie then so does Iron Man 3. So let's make this a new Christmas tradition where we watch Tony Stark save the world for Christmas.


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